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Long before the idea of becoming a volunteer (which was just under a year ago), I rediscovered Islam during the most blessed month of Ramadan. I was born in a Muslim household but felt that my faith was lacking at times and I didn’t really do enough to practice Islam. So, after Ramadan I wanted to actively do more to improve myself as a Muslim.

A few months later, one evening I was scrolling through Instagram and I discovered Help for Reverts (HFR). I was hesitant to join at first, knowing nothing about the charity/organisation and also there being hardly any content as it was just starting out at the time. I had several other reasons for not wanting to join straight away, firstly, I wasn’t confident in myself yet to become a volunteer. I wondered if I could really know enough about Islam, especially to answer people who had no idea about the religion and quite honestly, I was afraid I would give them wrong information or disinterest them. Eventually, the decision to sign up came from the fact that I wanted to help someone even if it were a little, and I reassured myself that if I didn’t have the answers, I could ask someone else and also learn in the process. I also wanted to make more Muslim friends; this year I realised that I only had one or two Muslim friends outside my family. I don’t want to compare myself to a revert because they no doubt have much more difficulties integrating than we (born Muslims) do, but I also felt that I could relate to them in my journey and I wanted to help them feel welcomed.

Since becoming a volunteer at HFR (it’s been nearly two months), I have definitely learnt a lot and met several friendly, passionate, and generous people. As well as this, I feel that it is a greatly rewarding role even if you spend a short time doing it. I have already learnt so much about Islam and myself. I had the privilege to meet a revert sister who is now a friend to me, and also other great volunteers that devote so much of their time to this organisation. The volunteers are incredible at organising valuable sessions that teach Islam while making it fun and engaging, and also helping answer questions (with the help of a Muftiyah). That is something I have truly admired about HFR; the volunteers have dedicated so much time to helping the reverts and making sure they feel welcomed and I feel grateful to be a part of this team.
I would really encourage others to join. There is so much to learn/gain from this experience, whether it’s Islamic knowledge, making Muslim friends, or just having a goal to do more for the community. I think HFR will definitely help in some way. I myself struggle with time as a full-time worker, but I believe that even a small amount of time will go a long way and your effort will be appreciated.

If you would like to help other reverts, please join Help for Reverts as a volunteer.

Sister Fahmida is a volunteer with Help for Reverts who’s responsible for mentoring and empowering new Muslims.

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