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As Muslims, we’re naturally happy with people embracing Islam and reverting to the religion.
For those on social media, you’ll have seen videos of reverts taking their testimony of faith.

But who is encouraging them to take these steps?

Concerningly, a growing number of females are accepting Islam via their male friend – aka boyfriend.
What’s even more concerning is the Muslim community overlooking this – and this is problematic.

When we give traction to a video with a female (or male) revert sharing how their current partner is a Muslim, and has helped them on the journey, we are clearly sending out the wrong signals.

For many youth, they can quickly glance at the positive comments, shares and likes of a video, and soon develop the idea that there’s nothing wrong with dating someone – if the goal is to bring them to Islam, and eventually halal-ify their relationship. After all, if this content caused a video to go viral for someone else, it’s going to be a good thing?
Just to be clear: no.

From our own experience here at Help for Reverts, we can comment on this. Males are contacting us for advice to help their female ‘friend’ accept Islam.

And many females, it seems, are duped into believing they’ve met a pious man.
Some points to ponder over for ladies…if he’s a God-fearing man, why continue a private conversation, or even worse, maintaining a pre-marital relationship?
Surely, if bringing you to Islam is the focus, then they would have hand the conversation over to someone from the same gender, or organisation such as Help for Reverts?

At a deeper level, there’s other factors at play here. Many of the males with a real desire to marry a white revert female (and it’s usually a white individual that are desired), are doing so with colonised minds. Consciously or subconsciously, the white female is the prize for many males.
For ladies, this means that it’s not you he’s eager to marry individually, but what you symbolise – the peak of humanity.
However, for an individual with knowledge and sound understanding, they’d know that the elevated individual is the one closest to the Almighty.

The ideal…

As an Ummah, we should be striving towards implementing processes in place to avoid such scenarios.

Organisations such as Help for Reverts should be supported to effectively coach, mentor and guide individuals without an ulterior motive at play.

Further, with the overwhelming number of females showing an interest in Islam, female Muslims need to step up. But it doesn’t start with them.
Muslim parents should be encouraging their daughters to pursue Islamic studies to cater for the large number of females searching for Islam. This requires many parents to shift their desires of visualising their daughter becoming a high-flying corporate lady, to an advanced student of knowledge. One career path carries a short expiration date and will see her being disposed after a while, whilst the other can see parents, and strangers being elevated to unfathomable levels.

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