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“Help for Reverts are doing a fantastic job. It’s a much-needed service for the community – may Allah reward all those involved. The fact that they also thought of the financial aspect too is testament to their great vision.”

Ibrahim Khan, Islamic Finance Guru

“I had been searching for a way to help reverts and Alhamdulillah, Allah answered my Duas.
I found Help For Reverts on Instagram and immediately decided to join. Joining was very easy and the administration were very helpful Alhamdulillah.

They guided me in every step which helped me in knowing how I can better approach reverts, or those sister looking to revert.
It definitely broadened my horizons in helping reverts sisters. It is no longer a foreign or alien topic for me. Alhamdulillah, the admins guidance in every step of the journey of helping others, the support of the sisters in the group is really motivating and encouraging. I was glad that I could finally fulfill the obligation of helping new Muslims through Help for Reverts.”

Volunteer, Anonymous

“I’ve been honoured to be a part of the Help for Reverts team as a volunteer for well over a year now, and throughout this time, I’ve gotten to interact with both new Muslim reverts and non Muslims looking for assistance with learning more about Islam.

The time that I’ve got to spend helping them out has been a blessing and has really given me more insight into how a person’s journey looks when they’re learning about Islam, and what life is like for them after accepting Islam. I think it’s important for us as Muslims to learn more about and acknowledge the unique struggles of our revert brothers and sisters and to show compassion to them and help them, just as our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had done for the Muslims.

I thank Allah (SWT) first and foremost for granting me this position, and enabling me to be able to do good within this role I’ve been given, and I hope by the permission and Mercy of Allah(SWT), I’ll continue to correctly take care of this important role I have as long as I continue to be a part of this team.”

Volunteer, Anonymous

“I have been volunteering with HFR (Help for Reverts) since almost two years now Alhumdulilah. Here, every effort is put up by the organisation to encourage the reverts & volunteers!

I have seen how difficult it is for reverts & HFR can atleast be the shoulder of basic support, I have seen revert sisters moving towards learning Quran, trying their best in every aspect.

HFR is a safe and confidential organisation and is willing to give their best for both reverts and volunteers – Insha allah & Alhumdulillah.”

Volunteer, Anonymous

It has been a life transformative experience to volunteer for Help for Reverts. If I had to describe the experience in one sentence, I would say it’s like Allah placing you in the right position so you can do the work he is pleased with. I feel guided, my iman feels stronger and nothing about this experience has been negative.

The highlight would be the interactions you have with reverts or soon-to-be Muslims. Their enthusiasm for learning about Islam becomes infectious and you feel a part of something much bigger.

I pray to see the fruits of my work on the day of judgment inshallah because only Allah knows my intentions and the impact my words have caused on reverts.