The obvious culprits would be those that regularly express Islamophobia. This involves right-wing fascists, ex-Muslims who are simply looking to cash in on their new found belief, and many others. We know these misguided individuals are around, and have been for centuries.

Although, the denial of Islamophobia has emerged rapidly amongst those that are Muslims. When pressed about attacks on Muslims, these individuals will acknowledge this and utter insincere comments of condolences, however; it’s the actions we’re interested in.

Increasingly, Muslims in the west have detached themselves from the sufferings of their fellow Muslims, and refused to invest in themselves to help others. The lure of the dunya, trying to grab as much as they can has led to a pathetic no-show of activism and contributing to raise awareness of Islam, and why it’s silly to fear it. Whilst placed in a privileged position, many western Muslims have no interest in making a difference and helping Islam with the tools, resources and know-how they’ve been gifted with. Climbing the social ladder, the next steak meal, halal getaway has preoccupied many western Muslims in a wholesome way. As such, black and unmoved hearts can only scoff at the idea of helping a noble cause, whether it be for a Muslim on the other side of the world, or a revert to Islam in their local area.

The insistence on remaining in denial stings fellow under-privileged Muslims around the world, and this suffering will sadly come full circle. If we hope to see thriving neighbourhoods for our children and grandchildren, a conscious effort needs to be made with the blessings given by the Almighty. If not, our denial is not much different to the bigoted individual who views Islam as a barbaric religion.

“Indeed, it is not the eyes that are blind, but it is the hearts in the chests that grow blind.” (Qur’an, 22:46)

You can wake up from this state of slumber. Give back to a cause and offer the precious resource of time to help reduce Islamophobia.


Help for Reverts is looking for individuals that wish to help new Muslims around the world. If you have one hour a week to help someone, please visit and make a difference.

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#TacklingDenial is this year’s Islamophobia Awareness campaign. But who is in denial?

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