Russian Jewish Man Reverts to Islam
A Russian Jewish Man (living in Germany) shares his story with Help for Reverts…

It all started when I was a little child.

I was born in Germany, in a Jewish family and with a Russian background. My family just immigrated to Germany in the 90s.

I can remember a very few dream snippets when I was maybe three or four.

I saw some Arabic letters. I remember the له. This can possibly be a variation of the image in my dream, but it comes very close. You have to know that I never had contact with Arabic people, neither with the language, or Islam.

When I became older and I saw, what Islam is, my heart became filled with peace and with love.

Don’t forget that I have a Jewish background…Everyone in my family hates this religion, almost everyone has prejudices e.g. Islam promotes anger, promotes hate, discriminates women, is oppressive and wants to kill every non-believer. But something in me I said that this is my home, the Islam is my home, I felt so comfortable when I heard Nasheeds, or saw a Muslim in his Jalabiyya…I can’t find the words to describe this emotion to you.

Around one year ago, I started to watch presentations by Islamic scholars, I watched presentations by famous German Islamic names, and I began to understand what is the real Islam.
I understood what no-one understood in my family. If you want to know what is the true Islam, DO NOT LEARN THE ISLAM FROM WATCHING OTHER “MUSLIMS”. Learn it from the HOLY QUR’AN! And this is what I want to recommend for everyone.I converted yesterday night when I was on the phone with an Islamic scholar. I felt very well, but I had doubts that I maybe didn’t believe, what I said in my Shahada, that my heart wasn’t there. I started to understand that this doubts are only from the Shaytaan.
Yesterday, I was in the house of my grandmother, I saw one man, he said to me
“Good evening”. I saw his beard, his attitude, I just knew he was a Muslim.
I said, “Assalamu Aaleikum.”
He replied to me and asked me whether I am a Muslim.
I said, “Yes, Alhamdulillah”.
And he said, if I want to speak to someone, if I need something, just anything, I can come to his door.

Concluding Comments:

Although I love my family more than I don’t know, I decided against their feelings. I took my Shahada and accepted the Islam.
My father was supportive and advised that he loves me. My mother cried, and my heart was broken but she has to see, that I’ve finally become happy in my life and that I want to be the best son for her…that I love her more than anyone, except for the Prophet ﷺ.

Tomorrow, I’ll buy her flowers  (inshaAllah) 😊