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Muslim Matrimony

Muslim Matrimony

In March 2022, Help for Reverts launched its Muslim Matrimony Service. After seeing a huge demand from reverts, we began to trial this service for our new brothers and sisters to Islam.

You may benefit from this service if:

– You’re a revert (male or female), and have taken your Shahada in the last ten years (for the first time), please sign up today as a revert.

– You’re not a revert, but you feel you fit the criteria of our reverts searching for a spouse, please email info@helpforreverts.org, quoting the profile number.
Please ONLY contact us if you feel you match the criteria e.g. fit the age group, location etc desired by our reverts.

Please note: Brothers enquiring about a Sister will be required to pay $10 to enquire further. To make a payment, please visit the Donate page. 

All the available reverts searching for a spouse can be found here.

If you’re unable to find someone suitable on our website, you may visit our partners’ website: conservematrimony.com.

Please do not make a general enquiry regarding marriage.