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Muslim Matrimony

Muslim Matrimony

In March 2022, Help for Reverts launched its Muslim Matrimony Service. After seeing a huge demand from reverts, we began to trial this free service for our new brothers and sisters to Islam.

You may benefit from this service if:

– You’re a revert (male or female), and have taken your Shahada in the last ten years (for the first time), please sign up today as a revert.

– You’re not a revert, but you feel you fit the criteria of our reverts searching for a spouse, please email info@helpforreverts.org, quoting the profile number.
Please ONLY contact us if you feel you match the criteria e.g. fit the age group, location etc desired by our reverts.

All the available reverts searching for a spouse can be found here.
If you’re unable to find someone suitable on our website, you may visit our partners’ website: conservematrimony.com.

Please do not make a general enquiry regarding marriage.