Congratulations! You may say to yourself, ‘I’ve done it. I’ve become a Muslim, now what?

Firstly, enjoy the moment! Alhamdulillah, it’s with the greatest of blessings that you are now a Muslim and a revert to Islam.

You’ve probably already researched into the Five Pillars of Islam (link) and therefore know about the Prayer (Salaah). But, you may be saying to yourself, ‘I need help as a Revert to Islam’. That would be correct.

As a new Muslim that’s looking to practice Islam inshaAllah, you will have many unanswered questions. We strongly advise not to ‘go it alone’ but to reach out to a revert support network or revert support group for more assistance. And this is where Help for Revers comes in

We’re looking to help new Muslims or Reverts to Islam with the basics they need to grasp in order to strengthen their faith and connection with their Creator. Our volunteers are on-hand to assist you with basic rulings of Islam with the support of scholars, and act as a mentor to ensure you get the necessary help as a revert.
Help for Reverts has a number of volunteers from around the world who are accessible, friendly and approachable, making them well placed to be a new Muslim guide.

Sign up to and get started as a convert or revert to Islam!

May Allah the Almighty strengthen us all in faith, Ameen.


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