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Why am I here Help for Reverts

Why am I here?

Typically, this question is aimed at non-Muslims encouraging them to question their purpose of existence. Unfortunately, this is a question for Muslims to ponder over. Sure, you could answer, ‘To worship Allah’, although; but does that transcend into pursuing a higher goal and actualising a vision? Sadly, for many, it doesn’t. Whilst we have many unsung heroes within the Ummah […]

fatima_al-fihri - Help for Reverts Inspiring

The World’s First University by Fatima Al-Fihri (may Allah be pleased with her)

You may or may not already know that the world’s first ever degree-awarding university was created by a Muslim woman. That woman was: Fatima al-Fihri. Fatima was the daughter of a wealthy merchant from Tunisia and a descendent of the Quraysh tribe. Her father’s only children were his two daughters and he encouraged their intellectual pursuits. Shortly after Fatima’s marriage […]