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#TacklingDenial is this year’s Islamophobia Awareness campaign. But who is in denial?

The obvious culprits would be those that regularly express Islamophobia. This involves right-wing fascists, ex-Muslims who are simply looking to cash in on their new found belief, and many others. We know these misguided individuals are around, and have been for centuries. Although, the denial of Islamophobia has emerged rapidly amongst those that are Muslims. When pressed about attacks on […]

Why am I here Help for Reverts

Why am I here?

Typically, this question is aimed at non-Muslims encouraging them to question their purpose of existence. Unfortunately, this is a question for Muslims to ponder over. Sure, you could answer, ‘To worship Allah’, although; but does that transcend into pursuing a higher goal and actualising a vision? Sadly, for many, it doesn’t. Whilst we have many unsung heroes within the Ummah […]

fatima_al-fihri - Help for Reverts Inspiring

The World’s First University by Fatima Al-Fihri (may Allah be pleased with her)

You may or may not already know that the world’s first ever degree-awarding university was created by a Muslim woman. That woman was: Fatima al-Fihri. Fatima was the daughter of a wealthy merchant from Tunisia and a descendent of the Quraysh tribe. Her father’s only children were his two daughters and he encouraged their intellectual pursuits. Shortly after Fatima’s marriage […]