“My name is Robyn, and my Muslim name is Rubeena.

My journey began a couple of years ago. My partner is a born Muslim and would always talk about Islam, but I was an atheist and didn’t really bother about the religion. I slowly started to get interested the more I learnt about Islam. Where I live in the UK, there aren’t many Muslims at all so I didn’t know who to reach out to.

I found Help for Reverts online and a brother got back to me and put me in touch with the sisters. I thought it was a scam at first and was very skeptical until I was added to a group chat with sisters from around the world. I was assigned a volunteer named Salma (who is now a friend and beloved sister). Salma sister contacted me and discussed where I was at in the religion. I explained I was still learning and really honestly had no clue.

Within a year Salma sister helped me learn how to pray properly, read Arabic and now I am reading the Quran (Alhamdulillah). Help for reverts were there through my first Ramadan and supported me along the way. It was a very difficult time as my family couldn’t understand why I wanted to follow Islam and I had my difficulties but Alhamdulillah a couple of years later, everything had changed. My family attended my nikah in india to my now husband and take an interest in Islam.

Without Help for Reverts, and especially Salma sister, I would have the life I have now. I am very thankful to them and to Allah (SWT) Alhamdulillah 😊”

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