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We often hear about Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world and feel a sense of pride. And so we should. Alhamdulillah, statistics show Islam is due to overtake Christianity soon and become the fastest growing religion.
However, despite this, there’s a tremendous number of individuals leaving Islam; something that is often overlooked. The main reason appears to be Isolation, loneliness, a sense of being overwhelmed, and a lack of support. Alhamdulillah, Help for Reverts is working hard to tackle this predicament.
But, is this enough? Can a handle of volunteers work to tackle the global crisis of revert support and giving Da’wah? Probably not. And it’s the fact that there’s a minute number of volunteers working around the world to propagate Islam being a significant problem. Undoubtedly, this is a pitiful state and it must be analysed why this is.

Most Muslims are hoping to latch onto the fairy tale that the local Mosque ‘has it covered’. But in the majority of cases, Mosques simply don’t have the know-how, tools or even desire to share Islam with non-Muslims. What makes it worse is the lack of interest to cover topics such as Atheism and Liberalism – the fastest growing way of life.

Being satisfied with simply debunking the obese man in the red costume, trying to squeeze his way down the chimney is foolish. If anyone is going to choose a way of life alternative to Islam, it’s likely to be no religion, not Christianity.
If Mosque representatives don’t get their act together soon, they’re going to find the queue to see the Imam significantly longer with frantic parents wanting a ‘fix’ for their apostate son or lesbian daughter. To avoid this, Mosques need to invest into Da’wah programmes, understanding key arguments against Islam from an Atheistic perspective and promote a Da’wah culture.
Without a Da’wah culture promotion from the representatives in the community, there’s going to be little motivation to ordinary Muslims to bother with Da’wah. As the common question is echoed, “if no one else is doing it, why should I?”

‘Getting their act together’ is also necessary for every Muslim. Fine dining, luxurious holidays and designer brands has preoccupied our minds to such an extent that Da’wah is not even on the radar. When this is collectively done, it won’t be long before derelict Mosques will be bulldozed, with the carpets not being spared either (as taking place currently in the world).
For the layperson, it’s important to remember you have your own grave to go into, your own set of questions to face, your own set of ongoing deeds to acquire. With this in mind on a daily basis, Muslims around the world can feel hungry for Da’wah. Passion and sincerity will lead to time being invested to acquire knowledge – Allah the Almighty will make certain of it. Once you have the knowledge, there will be nothing stopping you from sharing Islam.

Ibn Umar reported: …A man said, “O Messenger of Allah, The man said, “Which of the believers is the wisest?” The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Those who remember death often and have best prepared for it with good deeds; those are the wisest.” (Sunan Ibn Mājah, 4259)

The result: He will raise your ranks, take care of your worldly concerns, and give you everlasting honour.

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