Have Mosques failed reverts?

To save you time, the answer to this question is: yes. However, let’s explore some ideas as to why we’ve come to this conclusion.

The lack of Da’wah given to for non- Muslims…
It all starts here. Scholars and associated members of the Mosque must give more attention to inviting non-Muslims to Islam. This can be done in the form of Mosque open days, along with Da’wah coaching for the congregation.
Far too often, Mosques are not interested in providing Da’wah mentoring at its Mosque as it doesn’t fit in with their remit, or because they’re too lazy to make it happen; or both. The results are the attendees at Mosques don’t have Da’wah knowledge or skills, and thus find themselves actually being given Da’wah to.

For Mosques that believe Islam is all about going into a trance and achieving a ‘higher spiritual state’, think again. The propagation of Islam was an integral part of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life, as well as his beloved companions (may Allah be pleased with them). Once Mosque attendees have the necessary skills and knowledge, this can facilitate sharing Islam with the wider community – something Imams and committee members MUST encourage. Once the beautiful words of the Qur’an are shared with the wider community, you can expect reverts to flock to the Mosque; with the grace of Allah. They will require structured learning, mentoring, befriending and perhaps financial assistance, which you as a religious establishment MUST provide.

For the committee members or Imams reading this, and thinking this is not feasible for their Mosque, the advice is: resign. Frankly speaking, you’ve failed to uphold the trust given to you by our Creator to spread Islam, and cater for the wider community. Being associated with a Mosque is not about having your picture at media events, or a particular title which people address you by, it’s about firstly fulfilling your responsibility to Allah (SWT), and then to the community by providing the systems in place to support your community. Again, if you feel that it’s too much of an inconvenience, quit your position of responsibility. This would allow you to avoid questioning on the Day of Judgement for your inability to support new Muslims.

But there’s good news for our Mosque associates. You can invest a small amount of time in reminding your congregation of the need for Da’wah within their lives, and facilitate Da’wah coaching for them. If you’re unsure of how to go about it, Help for Reverts can help you further inshaAllah. Once you have a community passionate about Da’wah, Allah the Almighty will provide blessings for you and the community – from places you never imagined. And, you can finally be in a position where you make a difference.

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