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I’m Raina: a volunteer at Help for Reverts. Mashallah, being a volunteer is a beautiful position to be in my humble opinion, and I will delve into why…

There are many reasons why one would want to volunteer, from gaining Allah SWT blessings to becoming better informed about Islam whilst mentoring Reverts.
Help for Reverts welcome volunteers globally, the information, advice and guidance regarding Islam is available for both volunteers and reverts.
Mentoring is about encouraging and empowering reverts from the preconceived ideas about Islam. The opportunity to help support reverts can be daunting in particularly those who feel they do not have the knowledge and expertise.

**Speak in a beautiful way**

Conduct and character is paramount when helping reverts. Your entrusted revert inshallah will be able to beautifully understand and receive the information you provide. We have reverts from all over the globe all from various backgrounds. Your nature towards them is vital in strengthening their faith in Islam. As a volunteer, you could be assigned reverts from any race, creed, colour, culture, age and gender all with a shared belief: Islam.
A positive and friendly approach is a great start, introducing yourself will help reverts to feel comfortable knowing a little about who they have been trusted with on their journey to Islam. It would be helpful in understanding what the reverts are looking to achieve from the Help for Reverts Volunteers i.e. learn the Arabic alphabet OR how to perform Salah. Asking how they found Help for Reverts through curiosity or recommendation your beautiful patience and conduct could inspire them to develop further with Islam through the positive communication you deliver.

If you’re a revert and would like to get the help of our welcoming volunteers, please sign up at Help for Reverts.

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