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Qur'an for Beginners - Help for Reverts

After seeing a distinct lack of support for new Muslims (Reverts), a group of volunteers has decided to remove some of the early challenges faced by Reverts such as loneliness, a lack of direction, companionship as well as well-informed knowledge about Islam. This has prompted the birth of helpforreverts.com in which we aim to connect Reverts (or those looking to learn more about Islam) with local Muslims or organizations that can help them on their Islamic journey.

Volunteering with Help for Reverts

We inspect all our volunteers to ensure they are the right fit for Help for Reverts. Our aim is to have practicing Muslims volunteering their services with knowledge based on the Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Prior to volunteering with Help for Reverts, our prospective volunteers will submit their responses to a series of questions which will help us to determine their suitability.

Reverting back to Islam can include many challenges, some of those being financial. We would like to remove this challenge by maintaining a free service through which Reverts can find local support from knowledgeable Muslims.

You can widen your search if you cannot find a volunteer within your local area. For example, you may broaden your search up to 50 kilometres and hopefully you can find a volunteer who is able to travel and thereby, reducing the distance between you.

In the event that you still cannot find a volunteer, feel free to contact us and we can try and assist you further.

This can be discussed between yourself and the volunteer, as Help for Reverts is based on your needs. If you simply require a Muslim friend to provide company or moral support, this can certainly be offered.

However, you may wish for someone to teach you Arabic or assist you to perform the prayer. This guidance would also be offered by the majority of our volunteers.

As for financial help, this would be up to the discretion of the volunteer.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on following Islamic principles and we will not sell your details to a third-party. Our website is designed to ensure the safeguarding of personal details of all participants.

It depends greatly on the Revert. However, most new Muslims require Mentoring support. This can include:
a friend (as many Reverts have to leave their old friends behind), guidance with the basics of Islam such as the Prayer.

An overwhelming reason why new Muslims leave Islam is due to Loneliness. We’d be able to link our new brothers and sisters to locals that can provide moral support to them.

 If you’re friendly, empathetic, and can give some time, please sign up as a volunteer with us.

Volunteering with Help for Reverts

Of course! You may be the only link a Revert may have to Islam, so even if you can simply point them in the right direction and lend a listening ear, that’s very helpful.

Help for Reverts offers free courses to equip you better to look after Reverts. Please contact us for more information.