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Meeting the Master Manipulator

Meeting the Master Manipulator

As a new Muslim, you’d probably relate manipulation solely to Lucifer, Satan, Iblees and so on. But many have taken on the human form and actions of the chief deceiver. Reverts to Islam can often find themselves in the firing line of such individuals. In this short post, we’ll cover how religious manipulation can take shape. Entering into Islam can […]

Da’ee or Deficient?

Recently, Help for Reverts passed the 500 revert sign-up mark – Alhamdulillah. An incredibly momentous milestone considering the organisation was set up just over two years ago with little to no funding. Since then, Help for Reverts has grown from a simple mentoring service to a host of offerings for new Muslims to Islam. But is this enough? Arguably, no. […]

#TacklingDenial is this year’s Islamophobia Awareness campaign. But who is in denial?

The obvious culprits would be those that regularly express Islamophobia. This involves right-wing fascists, ex-Muslims who are simply looking to cash in on their new found belief, and many others. We know these misguided individuals are around, and have been for centuries. Although, the denial of Islamophobia has emerged rapidly amongst those that are Muslims. When pressed about attacks on […]

The Pride Guide

As June is considered to be Pride Month, it’s the time of year to discover a plethora of statements, values and beliefs shared via various mediums regarding LGBTQ sentiments. For Muslims looking for a response to some of the ideas stemming from the LGBTQ community, here’s a short guide to help you deal with some challenging questions and statements… ‘Love […]

Al Kindi - Father of Perfumery

The Father of Modern Perfumery – Al-Kindi

Full name: Abu Yusuf Yaqub ibn Ishaq al-Sabbah al-Kindi Born: About 801 in Kufa, Iraq Died: 873 Most influential work: Wrote more than 361 works on a variety of subjects including ‘The Book of the Chemistry of Perfume and Distillations’ Al-Kindi was an encyclopaedic man, working as a physician, mathematician, geometer, chemist, logician and astronomer. A son of the governor […]

Al Jazari - Mechanical Genius - Help for Reverts

Al-Jazari: The Mechanical Genius

Continuing with our series of fascinating Muslim inventors, let’s take a brief look at the great Al-Jazari (may Allah be pleased with him) Full name: Badi’al-Zaman Abu al’-Izz Isma’il bal-Razzaz al-Jazari Born: Birth date not known; he served the Artuq kings of Diyarbakir (now in southeast Turkey) from 1174 to 1200. Died: Not known Most influential work: ‘The Book of […]