Catholic Reverts to Islam
Assalam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, my name is Pierina, I was born and raised in a very Catholic family, and I used to be very religious. However as I started growing up, Allah made me question a lot the religion and after reading the Bible, I realized that this could not come from a merciful God, so I became Agnostic.
Then at the age of nineteen, Allah gave me the chance to come to Europe to study. I was living in a building with a lot of Muslims, all from different parts of the world. What really caught my attention was the unity that they had. No matter where they came from, or for how long they knew each other, as soon as they said the ‘Salaam’ they were part of the family, Subhanaa Allah (Glorified and Exalted is Allah). I was very curious about what created this bond, & how even though they had different backgrounds, they all shared the same principles.
So after they told me that it was Islam, I was so impressed that their life style was so influenced by their religion. I spent one year with them, and without noticing I started implementing many things in my life e.g. I stopped drinking, eating pork, etc. At one point I just had to accept that there was nothing wrong in this religion, and so Allah guided me to take the Shahada: Alhamdulillah! ❤️
Some useful advice I would have liked to hear is: first of all, don’t listen to your fears! I was very scared that I was such a sinner, I didn’t even look like a Muslim, the community was never ever gonna accept me, no matter how hard I would try. We have to understand that being a Muslim is a whole journey. Its not just one step, you take Shahada and suddenly a Hijab appears over your head and you start speaking Arabic magically. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking that you have to do and know everything from day one. First build your relationship with Allah, don’t care about anything else!

The second bit of advice is KEEP LOOKING FOR HELP. Maybe the first person you will speak to won’t give you the help you needed, don’t worry about it; Allah will send someone your way soon: you DONT HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE.

Thirdly, don’t lose hope. At the beginning of the journey, you may feel lonely, you may lose friends, family may leave you, you may get bad looks, etc, but this situation won’t last forever. Sometimes you need to make space in your life for new people, that will be more beneficial for this life & for the next one. Your family will always be your family, even if they don’t accept you now, inshaAllah they will once they see the real Islam in you! Once they see the good changes that Islam brought in you, so don’t worry, put your trust in Allah & everything will be alright.

If you’re looking for help as a new Muslim, please sign up to as a revert.

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Catholic Lady Reverts to Islam!

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