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An Australian Christian Man opens up to Help for Reverts…
Five or six years ago, I was feeling like there was a void was missing in my life.
I was enjoying the single life, drinking, smoking, going out to night clubs & having many haraam relationships which I’m unashamedly embarrassed about.
I went on a holiday to Abu Dhabi with a best friend. A friend of ours living and working there at the time and he was a night club promoter so he looked after us with entertainment, drinks & girls. Well, the hotel we were staying at was right next to a mosque. During the early hours of the morning, afternoon and night, I’d hear this sort singing. I later found out it was the adhan.
Initially, it was an annoyance to hear early morning just as I was trying to go to sleep from going out the previous night.
During my stay, I got to start to enjoy the Adhan and frequently looking forward to hear it, as it would seem to put me at ease. I don’t have the exact words to describe that feeling.
When I returned back home, I found it at times, very difficult to sleep. If anything good happened to me, I’d look up to the heavens and say “Thank you God”.
I found myself not wanting to go out clubbing as much.
I had a few Muslim friends. Every now and again, curiosity would prick up, and I would ask them questions about their faith. This curiosity was an itch that I couldn’t stop scratching.
I had gone into some financial difficulty after my job became redundant and was struggling to pay my rent.
I’ve never been one to burden any of my brothers or friends with my problems. I certainly didn’t want to cause any stress on my mother, whom still lives with me, I’m her sole carer.
Even though I came from a Christian family, we were never that religious. I believed in God, Jesus pbuh, his Gospels and Heaven & Hell.
Late one night, I couldn’t bear the stress anymore!
I was in my bedroom and just fell to my knees in prostration and cried my eyes out and instead of using the western word God, I cried out the “Allah”. It just came out naturally and I asked Him to help me. Help me find a job so my mum wouldn’t be homeless.
Within a day, I received a call to come for a job interview I applied for, the next day I had the interview, later that same week, I got the call that I had got that job.
I started to pay off all my debts.
I asked my friend if she knew anyone who she knew, whom I could talk to more about Islam.
She gave me her cousin’s contact details. I called him, he invited me over to his place that weekend. He teaches at an Islamic high school.
He had some other brothers there too and I just asked them questions about Islam, the Prophet pbuh, what was Ramadan & so many other questions. I’d go visit him regurlarly over the next few months.
One evening he asked me whether I was interested in converting, without any doubting, umming or erring, I said “Yes”.
He invited me over the next weekend for a Barbeque and was going to invited a few other brothers to witness my Shahada.
We had the Barbeque during the afternoon and were going to do my Shahada just after Maghrib prayer.
As it was drawing closer, he asked me whether I wanted to go to the mosque, which was walking distance and do it there and he would ask the Imaam to perform it.
We get to the mosque & there are a few hundred people. I really didn’t know what to expect.
After the prayer, my friend took me in front of the congregation and introduced me to the Imaam.
I repeated the Shahada words in front of the whole congregation.
At the end, all the men came rushing to me, shaking my hands, welcoming me, some were lifting their young sons & thrusting them in front of me to touch them. My friend came & snatched me away, because he said I’d be there most of the night lol. He took me to a clearing inside the mosque, where all the brothers gathered. One brother asked me how I felt, at that very moment, a warmth came over my whole body, I got very emotional and my friend’s little son, came and gave me a tissue to wipe my tears. That, to date, has been the best day of my life EVER!!!
I can see, threw my faith now, a lot of Muslims I come to know, have a greater appreciation of their faith & how blessed they are.
There are numerous Muslim brothers at my work.
I have organised a prayer room for all of us and we have organised a special Jumma prayer time given to us that allocated as “project time” every Friday.
So…that is my story on how I embraced this beautiful religion. I consider myself just a tool of Allah’s workings.
I hope I wasn’t too long in describing it,
Forgive me for my shortfall, if I was. Ameen

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