Ramadhan guide for Reverts

Alhamdulillah, we continue with our tips for fasting during the blessed month of Ramadhan. Some of them you may be aware of already, but there’s no harm in revisiting them…

16. Giving charity during Ramadhan will earn you more reward. Try to give a small amount each day
17. Try to connect with a Muslim community or find Muslim friends in your local area. Ramadhan can be a very lonely time for new Muslim reverts so it’s important to get the right support to help encourage you. Take part in weekly quizzes run by Help for Reverts and video call other reverts at the time of Iftar so you have company and motivation
18. Eat and drink in moderation either before or after fasting. Excessive eating and drinking will make you feel more tired and unproductive
19. Towards the end of the day you may start to feel slightly drained. If the weather’s good try to go out for a walk. Keeping active is important during Ramadhan and will help to keep your mind off the hunger as well as keeping your body healthy and strong
20. Prepare food in advance and freeze them. Makes it super easy during the fasting month and less tiring

Things to avoid…
1. Avoid wasting your precious time with social media. Delete all apps during the holy month and treat this as a detox
2. Avoid swearing and losing your temper. A great time to practice sabr (patience)
3. Avoid fatty or fried food, fizzy drinks, junk food
4. Avoid spending too long in the kitchen preparing numerous meals. Keep your food simple but nourishing. Your time is better spent reading and studying the Quran
5. Avoid food shopping towards the end of the fasting day. Your food bill will triple! Try to do the shopping first thing in the morning or stick to online grocery shopping and have them delivered to your home
6. Avoid oversleeping during the day. Better to have short naps. Catch up on longer sleep at night time, after Isha salah. As soon as you finish praying Isha get some quality sleep. You can wake up during the last part of the night for your night prayers
7. Avoid gossiping and talking about others who are not present
8. Avoid exercises that are too intense. Stick to light exercises and fit them into your daily routine

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