Ramadhan guide for Reverts

Enter Ramadhan with a positive mindset. It may be your first time fasting and the thought of going without food and drink may seem daunting, but never underestimate the power and mercy of Allah.

He will give you the strength to cope and you will be surprised on how you can achieve even if it’s your first Ramadhan.

But, Help for Reverts is here to give you some tips…

Tips and advice…

1. Find out when Ramadhan starts. Local mosques will be able to let you know as it depends on the sighting of the moon. The exact date is confirmed a day or two before it starts.

2. Once it’s been confirmed that Ramadhan has started, you prepare to commence your fast before Fajr salah. Wake up about an hour before Fajr salah starts, and have your morning meal. If you can, try to pray Tahajjud salah before you eat your meal. Even if it’s just two units of prayer, the rewards are so high. Waking up for the morning breakfast before Fajr is called Sahoor or Sehri. This is a very blessed time to have something to eat before your fast starts and will give you energy to keep you going throughout the day. Keep it simple and stick to nutritious and healthy food including any of the following; dates, fruits, nuts, yogurt, milk, eggs, wholemeal, oats, etc. Drink as much water as you can and avoid caffeine.

3. Fill a big bottle of water and aim to finish it by drinking little, but often. Start as soon as you break your fast and continue during the evening and finish off at Sahoor time. This will help you keep track of your water intake.

4. Make your intention for fasting before the Fajr salah time starts.

5. Pray Fajr salah, read some Quran and go back to sleep if you need to, otherwise start your day.

More tips coming soon inshaAllah!


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A Ramadhan Guide for Reverts is here!

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